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Date: 15th October 2016
Dispersants Agent Can Be Used In Areas Such As Concrete Slurry
Attributes ?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------? ?Chemical Names: TITANIUM DIOXIDE ?Molecular Formula: TiO2 or O2Ti ?Molecular Weight: 79.8658 g/mol Application ?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dispersant/Dispersing agents are used as additives to provide a uniform mixture of particles and to prevent clumping and setting. It is produced using different types of chemicals such as lignosulfonates, polycarboxylate, etc., depending on its usage in different industries. The production of dispersing agents is the growing trend in the market due to increasing applications in construction, paints & coatings, pulp & paper, detergents, oil & gas, agricultural, pharmaceuticals, and other end-user industries. Among these, construction industry is dominating the dispersing agent market due to rising developments in the infrastructure sector. ?Description ?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dispersing agents are surface-active ingredients, which ease the incorporation of pigments and fillers into a liquid. Agglomerates are broken up by shearing whereby new surfaces are created. They are wetted by dispersing agents which stabilize the aggregates of pigments or fillers. Dispersing agents have an amphiphilic structure which combines the following requirements: They must be capable of being strongly adsorbed onto the particle surface and therefore possess specific anchoring groups. As a second requirement the molecule must contain polymeric chains that give steric stabilization in the required system. Dispersing agents can provide ionic stabilization if they contain anionic or cationic structure elements.