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Date: 15th October 2016
Titanium Oxide Coating
Attributes ?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------? ?Chemical Names: TITANIUM DIOXIDE ?Molecular Formula: TiO2 or O2Ti ?Molecular Weight: 79.8658 g/mol Application ?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ?Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Coated with Silicon Application: ?1. UV-resistant material, chemical fiber, plastics, printing ink, coating; 2. Photocatalyst, self-cleaning glass, self-cleaning ceramics, antibacterial material, air purification, sewage treatment, chemical industry; 3. Cosmetics, sunscreen cream, natural white moisture protection cream, beauty and whitening cream, morning and night cream, moistening refresher, vanishing cream, skin protecting cream, face washing milk, skin milk, powder make-up; 4. Coating, printing ink, plastics, foods packing material; 5. Coating for paper-making industry: used for improving the impressionability and opacity of the paper and used for producing titanium, ferrotitanium alloy, carbide alloy etc in the metallurgical industry; 6. Astronautics industry.Description ?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ?It is believed that the excellent biological performance of a titanium implant is a result of its passivating nature, forming of a whole titanium oxide layer on the implant. There are increasing evidences that the titanium oxide layer is decisive for a good contact of an orthopedic implant to its surrounding tissue. And numerous reports reveal that the titanium oxide can be activated by chemical or physical procedures. In this article, based on the mechanisms and mode of action, they are classified into four categories, including doping of inorganic components, light exciting, interface engineering, and external electric field programming. The exploration and design on light exciting and interface engineering procedures are most worth receiving further illuminations since these kinds of processes are promising in fabrication of coatings with selective or "smart" biological activity.